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What to Bring

What to Bring

What To Bring to Palo Verde Behavioral Health

We recommend bringing about three days worth of clothing and sleepwear with you on admission. We have laundry rooms, and patients are responsible for taking care of their personal laundry.

We provide basic male and female toiletries for personal hygiene. Please do not bring any makeup, perfume or cologne. Hygiene products brought from home must be travel size, un-opened and clearly labeled “No Alcohol.”

We encourage patients to wear their own clothes, but we need to make sure that clothing and other belongings are safe for everyone on the unit. We recommend slip-on shoes and comfortable clothes without drawstrings. Drawstrings (on pants or shirts), shoelaces, glass, metal and other potentially unsafe items will be either placed in storage or be sent home with family members.

We discourage bringing items of value, and we are not responsible for lost or broken items. Please leave personal items such as cigarettes, lighters, purses, cell phones and weapons of any kind at home. 

Please do not bring any food or drinks.

Help and Hope are a Call Away

Our intake and admissions office provides no-cost assessment services 24/7. If you or someone you know is struggling and may be in need of treatment at Palo Verde Behavioral Health, don’t hesitate to call 520-322-2888 today.