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Our Staff

Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Palo Verde Behavioral Health is the perfect destination for people who want to participate in a growing and innovative organization that prides itself on patient care and security. Learn more about our staff below.

Medical Staff

Mark J. Helms, MD
Medical Director
Specialty: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Medical School: University of Arizona
Residency: The University of Texas

John Leipsic, MD
Specialty: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
School: Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia

Lynn Klimo, MD
Specialty: Psychiatry and Neurology
School: Case Western Reserve University

Lisa Uribe, FNP, PNP

Nazia Ahmed, MD
Associate Medical Director

Leadership Team

Jill Scheckel, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Greibel
Director of Operations

Shane Hubbell
Director of Plant Operations

Jeni Whetstone
Director of Performance Improvement and Risk Management

Lynn Myers
Chief Financial Officer

Chad Mosher, Ph.D
Director of Outpatient Group Services

Kristin Mathieu
Director of Outpatient Operations

Kimberly Romo
Director of Business Development

Amy Cann, RN
Director of Nursing

Susan Marsett
Director of Human Resources

Katie Studenski
Director of the Business Office

Jerry Hollenback
Executive Chef

Loretta Meersman
Director of Pharmacy

Trisha Solano
Manager of Health Information Management

Lucas Barber
Director of Intake